Urthecast satelital HD images and video for customers and partners.

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Once installed on the International Space Station, UrtheCast’s cameras will highlight the beauty of our continuously evolving planet. Streamed from the ISS, you’ll see footage and pictures of your favorite places in near-realtime.

Our customers range from the United Nations, to climate change specialists, to tech entrepreneurs, to consumers interested in exploring our planet.

We have partnerships with RSC Energia and the United Nations. We also have commercial partnerships with companies such as the Discovery Channel.

Numerous private and public parties have invested in UrtheCast.

Successfully Launches Its Cameras Into Space
VANCOUVER, Nov. 25, 2013 | UrtheCast Corp. (TSX:UR) (‘UrtheCast’ or ‘the Company’) is extremely pleased to announce that the Progress 53P cargo ship carrying UrtheCast’s cameras has now reached orbit, following a successful launch from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome. Travelling aboard a Soyuz rocket, UrtheCast’s two cameras — the world’s first 1-Metre Class, high-resolution Earth video camera and one medium-resolution imaging camera — are scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station (ISS) on November 29. …

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