A Walk in the World of Seashells

An impressive collection of seashells and marine bivalves from all over the world is exhibited in this room. Every imaginable colour and shape is on show for the public to see what nature is capable of creating.

See the world’s largest mussel

Seashells Collection: Volute, Murex, Cypraea, Pecten, Terebra, Marginella, or the Conidae, Olividae, Buccinidae, and other families.

  • Tropical and temperate water seashell
  • Seashells from Uruguayan waters.
  • Seashells from deep and coastal waters.

The giant Adelomelon beckii, the brilliant Zidona dufresnei or the shell that produces the eggs that are to be found along the coast, the Adelomelon brasiliana.

Strange species of seashell such as riosi, pescalia, subnodosa, palliata, ferussaci, natans, felipponei, barattini, simulatrix, etc.

Can you really hear the sound of the sea in a seashell?

Seashells at Museum of the Sea, Sea Museum, Marine Museum, Oceanographic Museum of Punta del Este, at La Barra de Maldonado, Uruguay.