What To Do in Punta del Este

Visit our Museum it is one of the best things to do on your free time in Punta del Este.

Visit the Sea Museum

Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the largest museums dedicated to the sea in the world and stroll through its three exhibition halls! Everything in one place!

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Things to do in Punta del Este:

Isla Gorriti

Gorriti Island is in the River Plate, opposite the coast of the department of Maldonado, in southeastern Uruguay, just off the port of Punta del Este. It is visible from the ‘Mansa’ beach, which stretches between Punta Ballena and the port of Punta del Este.

Isla de Lobos

Lobos Island is 8.5 miles south of the peninsula of Punta del Este. It was discovered by Juan Díaz de Solís in 1516, on one of his trips to explore the River Plate. Currently inhabited by the largest colony of sea lions in South America. On it stands one of the world’s tallest lighthouses, flashing once every 5 seconds and easily visible up to 22 nautical miles away.

Playa Bikini

Bikini Beach, in the area of Manantiales, on a summer’s day. This coarse-sand beach is the most fashionable in Punta del Este. Known as “the models’ beach”, it attracts a great deal of attention, as the most glittering celebrities visiting the city of Punta del Este come to this beach, making it a very trendy spot indeed.

Pueblo Garzón

Pueblo Garzón was founded in 1892 on the Garzón River staging post, on the Royal Road to Rocha. Until 1940, it boasted a mill and some 2000 inhabitants. However, like many a town in the eastern area of the country, migration emptied it of much of its population, leaving only about 200 inhabitants dedicated to farming and to working the grey granite quarries. There is a square lined with palm trees, a chapel and a social club. Only a few kilometres from José Ignacio, the town has for some years now been turning into an elite retreat, thanks largely to the efforts of Chef Francis Mallmann. Agroland, an agricultural enterprise, is also located in this area.

Punta del Este Lighthouse

Built in 1860, this lighthouse was initially installed on Isla de Lobos in 1858, but fishermen lobbied for a change of site, since the light disturbed the sea lions, and it was transferred to the mainland. Volcanic ash brought from Italy was used in the construction of the tower. It has a focal height of 44 mts., a geographical reach of 18 miles, a light range of 11 miles, a luminous intensity of 43,000 candelas and it emits two white flashes every 8 seconds.